by akhera

30th September update

Sorry for not updating today. I've bitten more than I could chew with today's comic and couldn't make it in time. So today's update is skipped and I'll post it as Monday's one. Consider it part of the last comic's joke :)

by akhera

Practice makes perfect

This is supposed to be a "practice webcomic" - I've created it specifically for brushing up my drawing skills, so comments on art style are not only appreciated, but encouraged! I have plans for some story-based comics, but I don't want to ruin them with crappy art.

by akhera


So I've finally made it. My own webcomic. What is it about? Sometimes I have some really strange (maybe even insane) ideas. So I've decided to turn them into a webcomic and see what others think about them.

The first strip will be published on 29th 26th August (I'm impatient). The update schedule will be Monday and Friday at first, but if manage to make the comics faster, it may change to Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

The layout will probably change in the next few days (weeks/months...)

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